Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Precious New Daughter Leeann

We have some exciting news to share with all our blogger friends out there :). Many of you who know us well, know all about what we are going to share in this blog, but some of you don’t. For personal reasons, we were unable to post anything about Leeann until now. My husband Derek is going to be the one posting Part 1 and 2 of “Our Precious Leeann!”

Our Precious Leeann – Part 1

Last November Renee and I were waiting anxiously for an invitation to travel to Ukraine and begin our adoption of Sasha, Ethan, and Silas. At that time I was traveling three weekends a month, speaking and leading worship at conferences, churches, and houses of prayer. Because of that, I was home only one Saturday a month on the weekends. My rare and precious day to sleep in and kick back ... Ahhh. Well I got out of bed and went into the kitchen with the words “french press” on my mind. In a lifting fog, I groped for the coffee beans and grinder. As the the grounds met the boiling water in that urn of life and delightful caffination, the aroma began to rise and awaken my senses. I was inhaling this celestial mist when Renee and her mom entered the kitchen with suspicious looking grins on their faces. I’ve seen that look before on Renee’s face. It always means she is plotting to sneak another child into our family. I looked at her and said, “What are you up to?” She said, “Honey, just listen to me before you react”. Uh oh. That never sounds good. She proceeded to tell me that her brother Terry had called her from the Marshall Islands, and that there was a beautiful and precious 13 yr old girl that he knew who was in a very difficult place. Terry wanted to get her out of the country and to safety. He wanted to know if we knew any family at IHOP that may be willing to take her in. Through a nervous laugh Renee asked, “Honey, why don’t we just bring her into our family?” I reacted through a more nervous laugh.... “Are you crazy?” We are about to go to Eastern Europe and bring in three boys with special needs. Stop it! Leave me alone. I haven’t even had my coffee yet, and besides this is my one Saturday off every month and you’re meddling with my serenity.” She laughed and said I could drink my “joe” in peace and she’d check back later. As I sat drinking my coffee I started thinking about the fact that we did have one child who had their own bedroom, and we could easily put bunk beds in that room and have two kids in there. I thought about James 4:17 - Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. Man, that James guy is always messing with my life. I guess that comes with being the brother of God in the flesh. I believe that when we know that we can act and do good, and the way is clear to us (not easy, but clear), then if we don’t do it, we are in sin. I could see how we could bring in Leeann, make her our daughter and help her ... if I didn’t act, it would be sin. Within 10 minutes, I called Renee into the kitchen and said, “Ok, let’s call your brother and tell him we want Leeann. If he can get us custody, I will buy her plane ticket and get her here.” We then called Telma into the kitchen and welcomed her to the ministry. After some pastoral care (ha), she was onboard and willing to share her bedroom. :-) We called Terry and told him and he excitedly began to work hard on getting the proper paperwork in order. Well, three weeks later Leeann was on her first airplane flying over the Pacific ocean bound for Kansas City, IHOP-KC, and her first forever family. We were all very excited about this precious new daughter of ours!

Our Precious Leeann – Part 2

After purchasing Leeann’s airline ticket and making all the arrangements for her to come and be our new princess, we received our invitation from Ukraine and our appointment with the department of adoption in Kiev. Leeann was scheduled to land in Kansas City on December 3rd. We couldn’t believe it when we saw that our appointment date in Kiev was set for Dec 5th. This meant that we had to fly out of Kansas City on the morning of Dec 3rd. I thought, “Man Lord, You are bringing us children so fast, we can’t even meet them at the airport.” This was hard because we so badly wanted Leeann to know how excited we were to have her, we wanted to welcome her with a big celebration and a million hugs and kisses, flowers and chocolates. Fortunately, Leeann knew Renee’s mom and our daughter Telma. We also have lots of family in KC and they did a great job of meeting her at the airport, welcoming her into the family and making her feel loved. Our first trip to Ukraine lasted three weeks and we arrived home on Christmas eve. What an awesome Christmas present was waiting for us! An amazing, sweet, precious, and beautiful new daughter! It doesn’t get better than that. It has been such an incredible joy to have Leeann in our family. She has blended right into our crazy family and all her sisters absolutely adore her. Less than two months later we returned from our second trip to Ukraine with the three boys. What is so amazing to me is to see the way Leeann loves on them. She is an incredible big sister. It blows me away to look at our children who were suffering abuse and/or neglect in totally different parts of the world and see them together laughing and dancing and loving one another. It’s like catching a glimpse of that day when all tribes, nations, and tongues will be gathered together into one family, and they will sing together of the great love of the Father, who redeemed them from the ends of the earth. Now that will be something!

Below, are some pictures that Leeann's Aunt sent to us of Leeann! Thank you so much Mina! They are just beautiful! I also, want to thank my brother-in-law, Terry, and his wife Amy, along with Leeann's Aunt Mina, for all they did to care for Leeann and to help get her here to us. You guys are amazing! We love you and pray for you daily as you work so hard to help the people of the Marshall Islands! God bless you guys!

Leeann (on the far left), singing in a Christmas program at her church

Leeann with her friend and her cousin, dressed in uniform, preparing to sing in a program at church

Standing in front of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean

Just look at those beautiful eyes!!!!


traceylynndel said...

Wow! What an amazing story. Leeanne is very beautiful. Congratulations on another Loux!

Mandy said...

That TOTALLY explains why there was an "extra kid" in your homecoming picture! !LOL I kept adding up your kids and just figured a cousin or friend had joined in!!!!! CONGRATS and thank you for sharing!!!!! She is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Meredith said...

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow... that's it.. WOW! She's beautiful, and congratulations AGAIN!!

The Loux Family said...

Thanks all of you for your amazing encouragement!
Leeann is so precious and we are so blessed! Hugs!

blessedmomto7 said...

That just plain ROCKS! Any more young ones in the Marshalls? We're interested :)

Arden said...

WOW! Once again, I have tears in my eyes as I see Leeann and I know I saw her in the prayer room with her other sisters in early February! She and every one of your children is beautiful and highly blessed in the Lord! Amen and Amen!

Tracie said...

We love you precious girl! We miss you so much and can't wait to see you again.

Uncle John says to send you a big HUG!!!

You're so beautiful Leann and we're so glad you are part of our family!

sarahjohnz said...

I am thrilled to read this announcement! God is so good! I am just blown away with His provision. I think of your precious Josiah, how the Lord has used the love & pain you endured to rescue these childrens lives! Leeann is precious and beautiful and richly blessed to be a part of your family! Could you have planned a more perfect addition? Ah you've already figured out the best plan, trust God! Love you folkS!~Sarah

Missy said...

Wow, what a surprise! Congrats to you and welcome to Leeann!! She looks like a darling girl!

Jess said...

Congratulations! What a joy!

The Loux Family said...

Thanks for your sweet comments and love eveyone! Leeann is enjoying reading the comments. She feels very loved!

Michelle said...

Derek and Renee, thank you for breaking my paradigms YET AGAIN! We started on our adoption journey after Derek spoke at the Rock House of Prayer last year ... we'd wanted to for a long time but God used his words to give us courage to go ahead ... and every time I start to put limits on what God can do, you guys say YES to Him in such a big way that my faith soars.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, Leann!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! God is amazing!

Leah said...

As my daughter Angela would say, "Holy cows!" What an amazing family God has built in your home. It' like a puzzle, with just a few pieces missing here and there, and you've gone to all parts of the world to find the pieces that fit!

Anonymous said...

I was watching via webcast from PA when you introduced the boys and your new daughter at FCF. I wondered how I had missed the announcement about Leeann's arrivial since I check in with your blog pretty often. It was a really nice surprise to read Leeann's story today. She has definitely been blessed to join your beautiful family and, as parents, you have been blessed beyond measure,for sure.

Blessings to all of you!

Mrs. I.

Anonymous said...

Isn't God just amazing the way He works things out that don't always make sense at first, how He brings us from different parts of the world and makes us a family that fits together so well!! All because He loves us SO very much! May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you in greater measures, Leeann!

Anonymous said...

Renee, I was wondering if you would be willing to email me so I can as you a few questions about your ministry within IHOP. My husband and I are really hoping to get a type of foster care/adoption support system going within our church and and are just looking for ideas. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Hi Renee! I 'know' you from Reece's Rainbow's Yahoo group. I work as a volunteer with a small baby house in Eastern Ukraine where Ava, Xander, Evan, Keith/Nikita, Katrina/Vika and Kyle/Oleg were adopted from - thank you GOD!!!!!!! Anyhow, we also adopted three older boys (9, almost 9 and 16) last year from the same city - I knew two of them from my work there, and the third was a beautiful surprise from God. I have an important question regarding adoption of older children that I think the OJC could answer, or perhaps one of you. It is something we've been praying about for a long time and as I was looking at that blog today, I realized perhaps it was possible to finally find the answer. Could you email me? THANK YOU!!!!

Amanda said...

Leeann is beautiful! CONGRATS to the family!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We're up to 13 now and while my husband points out that technically the 15 passanger van is full now......there are always buses right?!

This quote reminded me of the message Derek gave when he came to Iowa:

"The effects of sin include abandonment. The purpose of the gospel is adoption. The kingdom of darkness works feverishly to create "fatherless generations." The church must commit itself to a parenting culture, both spiritually and physically. "
~Glenn Burris

Bless you guys!

The Loux Family said...

Thanks again to all of you for your incredibly encouraging comments. Leeann loves reading them and I am so moved by what some of you are doing with your lives, in bringing precious ones in to your families!

Michelle, so proud of you guys! You can do this! The Lord is stirring your hearts and you have a "yes" in your spirit! Can't wait to meet the one the Lord has in mind for you!

Anonymous, I love the quote by Glen Burris. I forwarded it on to Derek. Thanks!

Love and hugs to all!

Lisa said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...just amazing. I should know better than to skip a few days on reading your blog. golly!

sorry, i'm trying desperately to curb my blogging a bit during the daytime hours.

What a wonderful gift you have been given in Leeann. She is a real beauty.

Derek and Renee, may God continue to bless you over and over again for your open doors and mostly your open hearts that overflow with love...He is so smiling at your obedience.

Bless you, my dear distant friends/relatives!

Amanda said...

When you open your heart and home? The opportunities do indeed come to you! How very blessed you are and how very blessed your new daughter is!! Congratulations!! Another beautiful daughter:)

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to us all! May God continue to bless your beautiful family!

Brent E. Butts said...

I can hardly keep up! Welcome beautiful Leeanne to an even larger extended family. Congratulations Derek & 'Ne! Big hugs to the entire clan ...

JoAnna said...

Oh My! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am soooo excited for you guys! Okay, I'm going to have to get all my fingers and toes out to keep count of your children... :) My kiddos and I keep praying for Godly parents to rise up and adopt the orphans of the world, and you guys keep answering! Someday, it will be our turn to pitch and help.

Anonymous said...

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