Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our New Boys



Hi All!

Sorry it's been awhile since we've posted anything. Life has been very busy! I wanted to let you all know that our Misha was moved to an orphanage that we are not able to access so we are trusting that Jesus will provide Him with parents and a home where Jesus is Lord. This was a very hard loss for us, especially after finding out that Makar (one of our other boys) was adopted out to an Italian family. The Lord knows everything even before it happens so we know this was not a surprise for Him. He is in control.

We are now pursuing the adoption of two other boys along with our third boy, Sasha, who is still waiting for us at the orphanage. The two new boys whose adoptions we are pursuing both have down syndrome. Roman is a high functioning ds child and the Dimitri is a very low functioning ds child who is very ill and needs a miracle from the Lord!

The Lord has been speaking much to our hearts about His love for the orphan. Please join us in praying for our boys, that the Lord would flood them with His life and hope! We'll keep you posted on any new news!

God bless you and thanks for praying!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Adoption Journey

We will be going to Ukraine sometime soon. We will be blogging our adoption journey on a private blog once we are in Ukraine. If you would like to receive an invitation to this blog, please email my sister-in-law Tracie at We have a lot going on right now and Tracie, in the middle of her busy life, has graciously offered to help us by screening emails and requests to follow our new blog page. Please let her know who you are and how you know us. Thanks so much and God bless you!

We were just given news today, from our adoption facilitator that Makar, the third boy who's adoption we were pursuing, is in the process of being adopted by an Italian family. We were so sad to hear this and yet happy at the same time that he now has a family. There is never a guarrantee, even when we commit to the adoption of a child, that we will be able to go home with that specific child. Whoever gets interviewed by the Adoption Authority there in Kiev first, can choose the child of their choice. So, we will be trusting the Lord to lead us to our third son. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks so much!