Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silas Has The Chicken Pox!

Sophia snuggling her precious little brother, Silas (who is now covered with red dots.... a picture of that to come)

Michaela, doing her part to fatten up her 5 year old brother Ethan!

Well folks, now Silas has the Chicken Pox and is covered in red dots, bless his little heart! He's not the happy little Silas we know. He threw up on me several times on Sunday in the middle of church (peaches and bananas everywhere). We didn't know that our pastor would be calling us up on stage. I was just getting Silas ready to go home when we were called up on stage. I had vomit on the sleeve of my jacket and running down my pants. I quickly brushed off the chunks of bananas and peaches and walked up front calmly as our new little fellas were introduced. It was humbling but hey, it's all about the boys, not me :). All three of our little guys have doctor's appointments on Friday. Other than the pox, things are going well for our three little ones. Ethan is still eating like a horse! Can't wait to see if he's putting on more weight when he gets weighed on Friday. We will know soon when Ethan and Silas' heart surgeries will be scheduled.

Please keep Sasha in your prayers. He has anger and fear issues, which is understandable with all he's been through. He scratches his face (just clipped his nails again today) and yells out. He loves to be held and loves to play with the CD player.
He turns the volume up and down and sways back and forth to the music. Sasha has been terrified of our doggies but is just now starting to be ok with petting them. He usually just says, "Go bye bye doggies, go bye bye!" He is such a precious little guy and we are praying that the Lord will massage his little heart and bring him to a place of joy and peace.

We are so excited because our sister-in-law, Tracie and Derek's brother John, are in Ukraine right now, getting ready to meet their two new angels tomorrow. They will be adopting one boy and one girl. We are so excited about all the Lord has in store for these precious ones. Walking with Jesus is such a grand adventure!

Thanks for your patience on the pictures we promised to post. We really will be posting some soon. We've just been overwhelmed with getting everything on a new schedule. It's going great but WOW! Need I say more?

Love and blessings to you all!


Amy said...

Poor little Silas, I hope he is feeling better soon! I will be praying for Sasha that he will settle in and become more comfortable with all the changes. He is so cute!
And of course your little Ethan, I am praying for continued weight gain and that he will grow stronger each day.
Congratulations again on your three little boys!

sarahjohnz said...

Oh Renee, you are so awesome how you are so adaptable! I can see Jesus in all you Louxes! I expect Sasha will be preaching before long! Is he getting English lessons to help with communication? I imagine that could add to his insecurities/frustrations. Praying for God's continued grace! Much love in Christ!

TheDorothyFamily said...

I learned of your family when I attended the Friday night service for the conference you held in Bentonville, AR. We have been in process adopting a little girl from Romania.....since 2003. (We have a son adopted from Guatemala in 1997.)As you can imagine the Romania thing is a LONG story! Anyway, I've been praying for you since. So glad you've got your little guys home. Just wanted to add THANK GOD they got Chicken Pox in America and not overseas. Sure would have hated to see you delayed coming home as the pox ran it's course. Take Care,
Jan Dorothy

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Holding you guys in prayer. God is strong and able and might to save.

Chris and Mary Malone said...

These guys are precious! I can't stop looking at their pictures!

Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

You are just absolutly amazing! I mean you just went on an adventure in a crazy coountry and then to get back to sickness and trying to get things figured out. You are heros in my eyes and in heaven!