Friday, February 6, 2009

Yay For Good News!!

Today we took all three of our precious boys to the doctor's office for check ups and thorough exams. As you know, Ethan went in to the doctor's a week ago and had gained 4 pounds since we brought him home. When we took him to the doctor's in Ukraine, he was 9 pounds. When we got him out of the orphanage and took him to Kiev to complete paperwork for his Visa, then got him home to the U.S., he was 11 pounds. Last Friday he was 15 pounds at his check up. Today he weighed 18 pounds! The doctor was quite impressed with his growth. She even said he looks ten times better. She checked his lungs and the pneumonia has completely cleared up and he is breathing very well. She also said that she thinks he can wait a little bit for his heart surgery. We were so excited about this great report!

Silas, Ethan and Sasha all had to have 4 shots each today because there were no medical records showing whether or not they had received any immunizations. They all had blood drawn too. Sasha was the first in line. He was terrified when he saw the needles but felt nothing since they gave him the shots in his legs (he's paralyzed). Later in the morning he had to have blood drawn from his arm and he cried and cried... poor little buddy. Silas was up next. He was completely hysterical. When the needles first went in to his legs, it took his breath away. He turned completely red and held his breath, then let out a real loud scream. Bless his heart. When Ethan got his shots, he yelled out a couple times and then he was fine! Wow, what a big boy!

On top of the great doctor's visit, we got to see a pic of our brother and sister-in-law, John and Tracie, at the orphanage with their new angels! How awesome to finally see them all together. We took many pics with their little Aiden while we were at the orphanage and we even played peek- a -boo with their new little girl! How fun is that! I can't wait to hold these angels in my arms again, here at home. We are so thankful that Aiden was there waiting for them and had not been moved like many of the children had. The Lord is amazing and He never ceases to blow my mind with his love and goodness!

I'm so thankful for all the Lord is doing in all our precious little ones. He is faithful! Thanks again to all of you who have been praying!


Amy said...

God is Good!!
This good news just made my week! I'm so happy to hear those boys of yours are doing so great!!:)What a blessing with Ethan's weight gain! That's amazing!!
Have a great weekend, and thanks for the update!

Stephanie said...

Wow! Even accounting for different scales, Ethan's weight gain is a miracle. Keep up the good work!

Sorry they all had needle sticks today. Bet you are glad that's over. Thanks for the update. Can't wait for more pictures!

sarahjohnz said...

Oh Renee I am not going to cry again, I drained the tanks pretty good when I finally got to see the pics of little Aiden & Anastasia!! I just sobbed and sobbed just like I did for you folks! What ya don't know is tears were a gift I lost when my boy died 22 yrs ago and have just been released in the last couple months! I am a real sap! Anyways I just love these reports! It is so awesome to see how God's love poured out on these little ones is like pouring water on a dry & thirsty ground, they are already 2 weeks later thriving! Pooh on the "failure to thrive", Jesus won! You all are my heros rescuing 5 little lovies like you have! In my book your awesome!

Lisa said...

Awesome news! Great update...thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. Answers to prayer...
Love you guys!

Emilse said...

Great news! I can see Ethan is getting better and better! Love is healing him.
Your three boys are beautiful, but Silas stole my heart, he looks so sweet!
I hope everything continues well and your kids continue making progresses.. Congratulations again for your beautiful family.
I'll pray for you

Amanda said...

Praise the Lord! Great update!


blessedmomto7 said...

Fabulous news! HUGS!

Sophia said...

You guys are all so awesome! Thanks for your love and encouragement!

Hugs and love back at ya!

Anonymous said...

Just a stranger following your blog... I hope you dont mind! Your family is so inspirational- I am so blown away by your story. My best wishes sent your way!

The Loux Family said...

Thanks again to all of you who are leaving so many encouraging posts. It's humbling to know so many of you are praying. You brighten our days with your love and concern. We are blessed to have you in our lives, even though some of you we've never met!

Much love and many blessings to all of you!

The Loux Family said...

Hello Anonymous,

Yes, of course you are more than welcome to follow along in our blog. Feel free to check out our adoption blog as well. You will find the entire story of our adoption journey there. We are glad you have been blessed by what Jesus has done in these precious little angel's lives! Scroll down a few posts and you will see the address for our adoption blog. Blessings!

william said...

william ordeman here. (an old student from FMA) i went back into college to finish up, but i had hoped when i graduate (next summer) i could move back to KC and help out with the orphanage justice center.
i know its far off, but are their ways that i could get involved? i would think a year from now there would be volunteers needed and such.
anyway, i'll keep up with this blog, but i hope one day i will be able to serve yall there.
i'll be prayin for you!

Tracie said...

love you sis! miss you so much and can't wait til all our kiddos are TOGETHER!!!

The orphanage workers are all SO GLAD to get good reports on your boys and see our photos of them!

jonsack said...

wow you have done so many things and accomplished so much in life it is amazing ....

seems like just yesterday we were all kids playing ... (or fighting)

get in touch

jonathan sack

Roben Harris said...

Friends, We are rejoicing with you over the weight gain & that the boys are adjusting well! God is good, but I have to say, it might have just a little bit to do with their fabulous parents and amazing new sisters!!! Love you guys, The Harris fam

schoolmother said...

Definitely yay for the good news! God bless all of you.