Monday, February 2, 2009

Update On The Boys

Precious Ethan, covered with chicken pox!

Beautiful Sasha (just look at those eyes)!

Sasha loves tubby time! His sisters love to play with him!

Teyolla lovin on Silas!

Telma loves her new little snuggler!

Our little Ethan has pneumonia, a very enlarged heart and a hole in his heart. He is scheduled to see the doctor again on Friday morning. We will be consulting with a specialist to have a date set for surgery on his heart. We will have more updates after our visit with the doctor. Thanks to all of you who have been praying. This little one has been through a lot and on top of all that he's dealing with physically, he contacted the chicken pox from the orphanage he was in. Most of the children in the orphanage had chicken pox when we left Ukraine. We would appreciate your continued prayers.

Ethan weighed 11 pounds at 5 years old when we first arrived home from Ukraine a little over a week ago. After one week at home, he weighs a whopping 15 pounds!! We are excited about this and thanking the Lord for helping him to gain weight! Ethan still can't suck so we have to give him water and juice through a dropper. He's a good eater though and is showing improvement daily!

Silas is just Mr. Happy, all the time! He loves to dance, sing and play all his new little instruments! He's eating well, no problems at all, and enjoying all the love that he is getting from his new family! He has a doctor's appointment this Friday as well and we will be able to update you on whatever challenges lay ahead for this precious little angel!

Sasha would take over the house if he could. He is so funny. He loves to tell us what to do, even though it's all in Ukrainian. He's eating fairly well. Meal time can get pretty noisy around here, especially if Sasha doesn't like something. Sasha loves anything electronic and we are sure that one day he will be a scientist or an engineer! He is so bright! He loves to dance (with his arms, his legs are paralyzed). Our daughter, Teyolla has been teaching him a few smooth moves!

Our daugthers have all been amazing! They love caring for their brothers and loving on them. I love their hearts for these
little ones. Our three boys will never lack for love!

As soon as things get a little calmer around here, we will be updating all of you on what the end of our time in Ukraine was like. It was quite an adventure! We have lots of pictures to share with you too!

Thanks again to all of you who have been praying! It's making a difference!


Amy said...

Praise God for Ethan's weight gain! I'll keep praying for this precious little boy of yours. Thank you for the update on your family. I am so happy everyone is together at last!
God Bless!

blessedmomto7 said...

Covering you in prayer here Rene

Stephanie said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Ethan's heart could be repaired with a device? My son had a device closure for a hole in his heart at Children's Mercy. Continuing to pray for you all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful that you took the time to post Renee -- we have been praying and waiting expectantly for the 'report'. Now that we know a little more of what you're dealing with, we'll continue to pray in a more focused way. Blessings!♥

Debi B.

sarahjohnz said...

Yes thank you for the updates! I give testimony to many who don't get what you're doing and it is awesome to share with them how God has been working it out!
XO Praying, keep up the post as you can, love to read'em!!

Rachel Meier said...

Thanks for giving us an update, and keep the pictures coming. Those boys are precious and I am sure your home is buzzing. Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Praying for your precious boys and thanking Him for His goodness!

Chris and Mary Malone said...

What treasures from God. Congratulations and welcome home. We're praying, our kids are praying, our church is praying.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you guys, but I saw Derek in the prayer room with one of the little guys and I just began to weep. You have changed those boys lives. What you have done is amazing, you are truly living the gospel.

Amy Farmer

PS I know one of your little boys has a heart defect and you are dealing with specialists, I as well have a little girl who has a serious heart defect and has undergone 2 open heart surgeries and one planned for the spring. we have done alot of research and have found that Dr. Lofland at Childrens Mercy is the best in the Midwest, just thought I would throw that out there if you have any questions about cardiologists or anything feel free to ask.

The Loux Family said...

Thanks again to you all for your awesome prayers and precious comments! You are so amazing and we are so thankful for each of you!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for your comment. We had no idea that your little one has walked through what she has.
How is she doing now? Please keep us informed of her upcoming heart surgery. We would love to be able to pray for her. Thank you for the referral on a doctor too! That's such a big deal! When our firstborn son, Josiah, was born we were blessed with two amazing doctors who also walked through his death with us. The Lord is good and so faithful to help us when we walk through these dark and challenging times.

Bless you and keep in touch. I have an IHOP email address :). Let us know how we can pray for you all.

Renee', Derek and tribe of 9 :)

Keyolla said...

I love my Family!!! My parents are just amazing.I would be nothing with out the! I'm so thankful that they adopted me.
Love you both:)

love Keyolla:)

The Loux Family said...

I love you sweet Keyolla (KiKi)! None of us would be the same without you in our lives! You are a precious blessing from Jesus, beautiful inside and out! Thanks for all the joy you bring to my life!