Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You!

Yesterday I took Ethan to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor at Children's Mercy Hospital. They examined his ears and said that his ear canal is unusually small (narrow). After further examinations, it was determined that Ethan needs tubes surgically put in his ears. This surgery will take place in April. It's a same day surgery so he will go in to the hospital in the morning and come home that night! We're all happy about that!

Silas will have surgery to close the hole in his heart sometime in May or June. He will be in the hospital between 5-7 days.

I was having my time in the Word today and became overwhelmed by God's goodness to us and to our kids. By now, if Ethan was still in Ukraine, it's very possible he would not be alive today. He weighed 11 pounds at 5 years old, when we left the orphanage with him and he is now 20 pounds. He had pneumonia when we arrived in the U.S. from Ukraine and was breathing in a very labored way. Now he receives breathing treatments and was treated with good antibiotics and is doing 100% better. Sasha who once had horrible issues with fear and anger is sleeping through the night with only a small night light on. He doesn't scratch, bite, hit us or pull our hair anymore :). He is a child in a place of rest and peace. Silas will be having his much needed heart surgery in a couple months and will soon be on the road to much better health. Our boys are laughing and thriving! The Lord's hand of protection has been over these precious ones and even though they have some health issues to deal with, they are so happy and loved and living in a place where there is excellent medical care. They are learning to know Jesus' love for them and we are continually praying for their healing!

I'm just amazed and so grateful by all the love and support we've been given. Many of you supported us by providing us with dinners every night for over a month! Not just any ole meal, amazing meals that took much time to prepare. We are humbled, very humbled, by your love and support. We also have the most awesome family support staff, made up of people who are a part of our ministry here as well as very good friends. They show up everyday from 8:15AM-1:15PM and volunteer their time. They have a scheduled curriculum that they use to teach our three boys. They also play instruments and sing with them. They help clean up and help cook the boys their lunches. It just blows my mind. We are so blessed!

I also want to take time to thank our girls again, for all the love they daily show their brothers. There was an especially precious moment two nights ago that occurred as all of us were gathered in the boy's room playing with them. We put music on and the girls began dancing with the boys in their arms. Our oldest adopted son Sasha is 6 years old, and as most of you know, has spina bifida, and is paralyzed from the waist down. He army crawls everywhere. Our girls turned up the music and Sophia, our 11 year old daughter said, "May I have this dance Prince Sasha?" Sasha reached his arms up to her and she picked him up. She was dancing a ball room type of dance with him and as she would twirl him around, his little lifeless legs were hanging down like a rag dolls, flopping everywhere. My eyes filled up with tears as I watched our sweet Sophia twirling around with her brother. She treated him like a true prince and that night I know he felt like a prince being held by his beautiful princess sister! I am blessed beyond belief to watch our girls growing, maturing and giving out so much love to see their brothers healed and restored!

I am so blessed by so many of you who have pledged your lives to helping children without families of their own, by bringing them into your home and giving them a forever family of their own. They are being restored through God's love and yours! Thank you! Those of you who have faithfully prayed and/or financially supported those of us who have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, you are our heros! We couldn't walk through the journey of adoption without your support! Many of you have given sacraficialy to help financially, giving money you didn't really have to give, to see a child rescued. Those of you who have prayed, helped move mountains on our behalf. You were part of saving these precious children and I want to remind you of that, and to tell you that your love and passion for the orphan has been seen by God and will be rewarded by God. You will truly have more of Christ in you. Thank you for living out James 1:27! We love you and are so thankful!


Tracie said...

What a great post Ne. I love you and your huge heart.
I can't wait til our first Loux Family Dinner with all our children around the table. Do you think we'll cry up an ocean?

Malones said...

Our prayers for you are being answered! Even quicker than I imagined! It is so special to read your posts! God is so faithful! I am richer for reading these adoption journeys! God bless you all!

Malones said...

I did it again, it was me Sarah Johns not the Malones that wrote that last post. Sorry.

Missy said...

What a beautiful post. I am filled with awe and love and happiness to see the Lord work in your family as he has.

(P.S. Sometimes I post as the Malones, too, and forget to change it! lol)

Dorean Beattie said...

What a blessing to hear of the progress your sons are making!

Leah said...

Between my 5 kids, I don't know how many times we've done tube surgery! Probably 15 or so. Anyway, it is THE most simple procedure ever! Honestly, you hand your child off, go to the waiting room, and before you can pour a cup of coffee they're done! It takes longer to put them out then it does to actually do the tubes. So, as long as there are no hidden surprises with anesthesia, plan on going out for breakfast or something afterward! Oh, and most kids with DS have teeny tiny ear canals. At 12 years old Angela's are the size of a typical 3 year olds. One hint though, if he needs ANYTHING else done, like having his tear ducts probed or getting his teeth cleaned, he can get all that done at the same time! So, have a check-up with the eye doctor and the dentist first to see if he needs any of those things done first so you can schedule them all at the same time. I look forward to continuing to follow your family's journey!

soontobemomof9 said...

You give me such hope! You are such an inspiration! Gods plans prevail. He needed Ethan to live! He had these boys as brothers, as your sons before they were born. Thank you for sharing with all of us the unending awesomeness of God!

Cindi Campbell said...

I am so amazed by Ethan progress. He has amazing eyes and I am so glad he has a family. We also have 3 little girls from China and one with a special need. I loved your post about giving and not expecting anything back. I think we (me) forget that in order to give sacrifical love there has to be a sacrifice...hmmm.... What an amazing story your boys will have to tell...the love of God displayed to them.

Arden said...

I can just see your daughter dancing around the room with her brother! What a precious moment! I stand amazed at God's goodness!

Dorota said...

Rene, your post touch me very much. I long to meet you and see yours precious ones! God bless you! Dorota Wolska, Poland

schoolmother said...

Wow! This is just another beautiful example of God's loving kindness toward the orphan. It blesses me so much to see their progress. And it's so cool that you have so much support.

Christine said...

Hi. I just realized that Sasha has spina bifida. We are adopting a little boy from Ukraine with spina bifida. I would love to pick your brain with some questions if you ever have the time.

Lovely post.

The Loux Family said...

Thanks All!

Trac,.... yes, we'll cry oceans!

Sarah.... I love you, you're so encouraging!

Missy.... you're so sweet... so cute in that car of yours!

Dorean.... thanks so much! We are encouraged!

Leah... wow, thanks so much or the info, that was so helpful!

Soontobemomof9.... wish I knew your name! Thanks for your heart!

Cindi... wow, three Chinese beauties...awesome!!!

Arden.... you are just plain wonderful! Thanks so much for your prayers!

Dorota... come for a visit so I can give you a hug!

Joy... yes, we are so blessed to have so much support!

Christine...still praying for Dennis and your adoption of Alexey! I emailed you about your

Anna Sorge said...

You amaze me!!! I am praying for your beautiful growing family! Grace and Strength to you guys! I am praying for you all and I ask the Lord that someday I could be like you! Blessings!!!

Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

It is truly amazing what God will do with a simple yes and loving arms. Your boys are going to excell and grow in strength and courage beyond your imagination. God knew exactly what He was doing by making them part of your family. I am amazed at you all

adam said...

We're sitting here checking in on you guys with our hearts bursting and tears in our eyes as we see your beautiful family and marvel at the Father at work through you. WOW!! You guys are such a light, full of love, and a great testimony and image of His heart.
Thank you for the pictures and the time (wherever it comes from) to post this stuff. :) :) :)

From Minnesota with love!
Adam, Crissy & kids

aunt lynn and uncle bob said...

we have been keeping up with all your travels and the additions to your wonderful family through mim and john (and your blog of course). Wish we could be there to help you out and give hugs to all your kids!! Please do it for uncle bob, aunt lynn, Erin, Lauren and Jason (and Melody and Ella).
We love you all!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Beautiful! I am so grateful to read posts like this. God is so Awesome and He has had His hand on these boys from the beginning. I can't wait to see them blossom and transform into the men God has created. Thank you for being a Godly example and showing many of us what it truly means to care for "the least of these" Praying God's blessing over your whole family!

soontobemomof9 said...

Me again....My name is Kelly. :) My husband and I are currently in the process of adopting 2 girls from Bulgaria from RR. :) Yana/Anastaysia is 6 with DS and hydrocephalus. She is very small and very delayed. :( Shawnee/Sandra is 3 and was born premature so is blind as a result. I draw such inspiration from your blog! Thank you again!