Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off to TheCall D.C.

Yesterday, Telma took off in one of the IHOP shuttles, packed with other awesome people, who are also going to be serving at The Call D.C. She is really excited. This is her first out of state trip without us. I'm super excited for her! I know she'll have some life changing experiences. She promises to report in with some of her awesome adventures!

If any of you would like to watch TheCall DC live, you can do so online, on August 16th from 10AM to 10PM on God TV.

We love you Meemers! It's pretty quiet around here without you, Soph and KK! Have a blast! We're praying for you!!! Remember Psalm 91. You're the best Sweetie!!


Sean The Red said...

Telma seems to be doing jsut fine! What a wonder... She trucks all around DC (on hose HEELS!) talking and yellin about on thing or another, mostly laughing all the time.

I see her at least once a day (for dinner
) and we also see her for lunch. She seems to be totally rocking.

The Loux Family said...


You are so incredible! Telma told us about how you've been taking great care of her! Thank you for being so amazing! Those heels of hers are something else aren't they? Ha! Her laugh is contagious! I can hear her now.

Derek and I would love to get together with you guys for dinner. Please email us so we can connect. We have a card for you guys too. We've heard about your awesome heart!

Hugs and blessings,

Renee', Derek and girls

Telma Navia Loux said...

Mama, I love you so much!! Thank you:-) I finally got on a computer... I'll see what I can see about those pictures... and yeah, Sean an his family have been really nice to me... making sure that I eat food:-) lol! Well, I gotta go, but I love you and miss you

The Loux Family said...

Hi Sweetheart!

It's good to hear from you! We miss you like
crazy and can't wait until you get back home!
Remember to send pics and stories of your
time in D.C. I know you will have a very
impacting time there. We're praying for you

Love, hugs and kisses,

Mommy and Daddy

Sean The Red said...

Telma is silly. Allw e do is make food and tell her to eat it! She is a riot, and my baby girl loves her! We saw her last night, and she doesnt look any worse for wear. All those ATC ers are starting to hit the wall a little. We need her to come baby sit for us whn we all get back.

My email is seanthered @ I dont kow your emails so there you have it! Dinner is wonderful. Any excuse for a party!!!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for making Telma eat! She needs to pack on some pounds. If she could, she would just have a choclate IV inserted in her arm and "let it flow." She
has a major sweet tooth and ever since we adopted her we've been trying to explain to her that chocolate is not a vegetable! HA!

Telma is great with kids. She would love to watch your little one sometime!

Telma Navia Loux said...

I would love to babysit for Sean and Danielle!! I love that family a lot!!! They're awesome