Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rich In Love

Derek and Teyolla are on a ministry trip, along with a bunch of FMA students that we absolutely love! Wow do we
love them! They are truly the best of the best! Sophia and Michaela (KK) are still at their Nanny and Poppy's and Telma is
still in D.C.

After listening to Mike's awesome message this morning, my mom, Keyolla and I went home, sat down for lunch and noticed all the empty chairs around the dining room table. We sure miss our family! It's just not the same without them here.

I miss Telma's high pitched laugh that seems to go on forever, Tey's little one liner jokes, Sophia's dancing and swinging from anything that's in her path and KK singing at the top of her lungs!
Of course I miss my husband's great hugs, talking over a cup of Starbucks (is there any other coffee?), beating him at Scrabble (now the world knows Baby), beating him at Scrabble (oops I already said that didn't I ... hee hee) and just talking about how awesome Jesus is to us! Are we rich in love or what?!!!

So, in honor of my precious ones that are all gone from home right now, I've posted a few pics below, with a little somethin about each of my loves under their pic. Unfortunately I don't have a new pic of Derek with all his spikes (hair) in place
so you'll have to look to the right to see his handsome face. Isn't he gorgeous?!!!! I love you baby! You are simply the best!

This is Pal, our faithful doggie. He loves to just hang out and is happiest when the whole family is home at the same time! Aren't we all? Needless to say, he's missing everyone, so, the wag in his tail isn't to happy right now!

KK is our hambone. Can you tell? She's provided Derek with many a story for his messages! We miss your beautiful songs sweet darlin! What a voice! Wow!

Sophia, is such a delight! She has a tender heart and a sweet spirit. She is also a master tree climber, the greatest of all monkeys! She'll be up in a tree so high, looking over the city and I'll shout out, "Ok, darlin that's high enough." Derek will shout up to her and say, "You can go a little bit higher love." That my friends, is the difference between a mom and a dad! We love you Doodles!

Our twins, Teyolla and Keyolla, keep us laughing all the time. They are so awesome! Keyolla has decided she wants to grow her hair long again because she misses being able to fool people. Everyone can tell them apart now. Aren't they just awesome?!!! Our girls are beautiful inside and out!

Our Telma loves books! She devours them! What a love! Her laugh is infectious and her heels are really high... ha! I miss you darlin and we are still believing for the big miracle! We are so proud of you!

Last but not least is our little Rudy. He is Derek's biggest thorn in the flesh right now. Rudy thinks he's my son. At first, he didn't like anyone but me. In fact he looked at everyone else like they were monsters. He was terrified! He has warmed up to Soph, KK and Telma and so they are now on his "love list." My Mom however, literally crawls around on the floor under the table trying to get him to warm up to her. She deserves a medal for trying the hardest to win his love. We actually thought one could find a sermon in there somewhere.... God faithfully pursues us until he wins our hearts! Here's the biggest miracle of all... Rudy actually licked Derek's face the other night, he licked and licked and kept on lickin. Derek's left cheek looked like a raisin by the time Rudy was finished with him! Could revival be on the horizon for this little guy? We all hope so!

I didn't include a picture of my mom in this post because she is who I will be featuring in my next blog in the next couple of days. I'll include pictures of our trip out to the Marshall Islands and a story and pictures of a special little blind girl named Joanna that we are trying to get help for.

All photos above are courtesy of Shelley Paulson! Isn't she amazing? Take time to look at her site ( and call her up for a photo shoot. You won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

These are some great pics. mama!
I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Thanx 4 everything!

Love forever,

The Loux Family said...

I love you too precious! Miss you tons!
Love, Mama :)

schoolmother said...

What a very sweet blog. Thanks for sharing it with us at RR. May God richly bless your ministry and your family.
Joy, adopting Roman

The Loux Family said...

Hi Joy,

Thanks for your sweet note. I enjoyed your site, loved the pictures! We are so excited about your upcoming adoption of Roman! God bless you and your family!

Hugs and blessings!

Renee', Derek and tribe :) (adopting Sasha and Misha)