Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rudy and Pal

These are our two bow wows, Rudy and Pal. Pal is the loyal, loving and faithful buddy that we've had for 8 years. He is a Border Collie-Akita mix (the black and white dog in the picture below). He loves it when our entire family is home at the same time. He lays down in the middle of all of us and just wags his tail with delight :). He's such a lover!

Rudy, is our Bichon Frise. He's only 1 1/2 years old and is full of energy. He loves to chase and wrestle Pal. If Pal gets tired he gives Rudy a gentle warning bite and Rudy knows that's his clue to stop. Rudy is having potty training issues right now and Derek is not very happy with him. He's warned Rudy that if he doesn't change his ways, it's out the door he goes. KK our youngest, responded to Derek's statement with one of her own. "Daddy, if you give Rudy away, I'm afraid I won't talk to you for a week!" Derek then had to talk to KK about respect/disrepect, KK apologized and proceeded to tell "Dadddy" why she thought everyone should have a little more patience with Rudy.

Last night Derek and I were laying down and reading. Rudy jumped right between the middle of us and started licking Derek's hand nonstop. It was getting pretty funny after awhile and Derek finally rolled his eyes and stroked Rudy's head. Then, Rudy proceeded to lick Derek's face for a long time until Derek finally patted his head gave him a couple strokes on the neck. Our twins think revival has taken place... ha! At any rate, if any of you have any ideas on how to get Rudy to do his business outside (all the time), we would welcome your wisdom! He's getting some extra training this week.

(photos of Rudy and Pal courtesy of Shelley Paulson)

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