Thursday, August 28, 2008


Our sister-in-law Tracie, and Derek's brother John, have just committed to adopting this precious little guy. His name is Aiden and he has Down Syndrome. He is so beautiful! When his adoption is finalized, John and Tracie will name him Aiden Joseph. Aiden means "little flame" and Joseph means "he will enlarge." We believe that his life will be a light to many and that he will be used to bring greater understanding and value to the priceless treasure called "adoption." Baby Aiden is from the same orphanage in Eastern Europe, that we are adopting our boys from. Derek and I will get to hold him and love on him when we go to pick up our boys! We are so excited! Please visit little Aiden's new blog site at John and Tracie will need about $2,000. within the next two weeks to take care of immediate adoption costs and a total of around $22,000. to complete this adoption. If you would like to contribute to their adoption, please visit Tracie's personal blog site at and you can donate through PayPal.

God bless you today and may you feel His presence near you!


sarahjohnz said...

Hi Renee! I am enjoying your posts and if I read correctly from where Tracie linked to Aiden in Reeces Rainbow, you have another little one coming home too name Mike?! God bless you as you rescue these little ones!! I know that the love in your hearts for them is already real, I am blessed to see the journey!!! And look forward to the future posts! I am taking a different journey as a Grandma but the love I have for them that I get to pour out by serving them while their folks work is such a blessing!!! God is good all the time and it so awesome to know you are in His will! It's tangible! Love to all!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Sarah,

Great to hear from you! Have fun being Grandma to your little ones. What a blessing you are, a true servant!

Yes, we are trying to bring a third little guy home to be a part of our family. We are waiting to see if the judge in Ukraine approves us for three before I post his picture and tell everyone for sure that he will be ours. Please keep him in your prayers. We know the Lord's will is going to come to pass.

Hugs, love and blessings :)