Monday, August 18, 2008

This is a picture of the Marshall Islands, where I grew up and where we adopted our three older girls. Isn't it beautiful!?! In
the '60s my parents, Sam and Florence Sasser, moved to the Marshall Islands as missionaries. Ever since then, our entire family has been involved in one way or another with the Marshalese people. They are truly "our people."

After returning from the Marshalls in the early '70s, my parents continued traveling and ministering around the globe, as well as taking many trips back to the Marshall Islands. When my father passed away in 1995, my mom returned to the Marshall Islands as a missisonary for another 11 years. She recently moved in with us this past April. We are so blessed to have her in our home. She will continue to work out of Kansas City, interpreting valuable teaching materials for the Marshalese people as
well as sharing the needs of the islands to various churches worldwide. The largest stateside representation of Marshalese people are in Springdale Arkansas. There are over 20,000 living there!

My brother and his wife, Terry and Amy Sasser, along with their four children, continue to live in the Marshall Islands, working in community efforts, helping to raise the standard of living in a land where there is an 80% unemployment rate. Their focus is especially in educational and medical areas. They rely on grants to help them in their incredible work. They are a tremendous help to the people and I'm so very proud of them. My brother also, recently, got the Marshall Islands into the Olympics this year. They will be competing in various swimming events, Tae Quon Do and Track and Field events!

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