Friday, September 5, 2008


As most of you know, we are in the process of adopting Misha and Sasha from Eastern Europe. With much prayer and thought, we've decided to pursue the adoption of another little boy in the same orphanage. His name is Mikey and he is four years old. He has cardiomyopathy and possible Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, although the FAS hasn't been proven yet. All three boys are little buddies and we are excited about being able to give them the love they so deserve! We are waiting for the approval from INS to be able to adopt Mikey.

Please pray that all will move quickly and that we will get an "Invitation Date" to go to Eastern Eurpoe to meet our boys soon! We
don't want Mikey to be sent to an institution while we are waiting to get approval on his adoption. He is so precious and he's been through enough trauma already.

Thanks so much!

God bless you and have a great day!


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Congrats on your decision!!! You are making a wonderful impact on these children. I pray that Mickey's cardiomy isn't that bad. Both my grandmother and aunt dies from the disease. I pray for his well being.

The Loux Family said...

Thank you!

Vanessa said...

Yay!! So exciting. I can't wait to meet and love on these precious little boys!!!

The Loux Family said...

They will sure love you!

The 5 NC Shays said...

Oh Wow! you guys blow me away...
May God enlarge your love, hearts and blessings and you love on these precious lives in His name. You guys are my heros, really!

The Loux Family said...

Thanks Lisa. You're so sweet! The Lord is
awesome isn't He!

schoolmother said...

I just read about your decision to adopt 3 little guys on Reece's Rainbow. I hadn't looked at the families pages for awhile. This is GREAT!! And so cool that someone else in your family is adopting from the same orphanage. WOW! May God richly bless your families and your children.

The Loux Family said...

Thanks Joy! We are really excited about all of this.
God bless you! I love your heart!

Kerry Shealy said...

This is awesome! I just saw on RR that you were adopting three!!! What an adventure this will be?! You have a gorgeous family!
I used to work in North Kansas City, and lived in Kansas until I married a little over 8 years ago. My family still lives in Kansas, and I don't make it back often, but I would LOVE to meet your family, and your newest three little ones when I come back...someday! I look forward to following your blog.
Kerry from RR

The Loux Family said...

Hi Kerry,

I just left a post on your blog! We were so excited when we looked on your blog and saw that you are
adopting Daisy! We've been praying that she would be blessed with an awesome Forever Family! Wow!
This is so exciting! Congratulations on all the awesome things going on in your life right now. That's awesome that you and your husband are having another little boy as well as adopting Daisy!
Wow! We would love to meet you some day soon!

God bless you all!