Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the arms of Jesus

Our friends, Daniel and Levi Lim, along with their young son Samuel and baby daughter Emma, left Kansas City a couple months ago, to fly to their homeland in Myanmar (Burma). They went there to help with relief efforts in the aftermath of the cyclone that hit their homeland in May of this year. There were over 15,000 deaths as a result of the Cyclone. Many children were left orphaned and this is the main group that Daniel and his family were helping.

Daniel and his family were due to return to Kansas City in just a couple of days, when their baby Emma, who was almost 1 year old, came down with a very high fever. She also had complications with her breathing and was put on a respirator and then eventually had to be put on life support. She passed away in the night and is now in the arms of Jesus. Our hearts break for their loss, as my husband and I know the great pain of losing a child. Our only hope with pain that runs this deep, is that we will see our little ones again one day, in a place where there are no more tears and where death is no more, in the arms of Jesus.

Please pray for this precious family, that God's grace would be with them and that they would feel His love as they walk through this very hard time.

Thank you.


It's me...Alex said...

I found your blog from the Petre's Blog links. We also know what it is like to lose a child. Amber,our first-born, died in 1990 from RSV(respiratory virus)which was deadly for her because she was born with Spina Bifida. There is no greater loss than outliving your child and no greater gift than knowing your child is safely in Heaven! Frankly, I don't know how people who do not have faith,survive losing their child.

ps We adopted Alexander from Sumy, Ukraine in 2000.His nickname would be Sasha (short for Alexander) but instead it was Antoshka (little Anton).Congratulations on your upcoming adoptions. my identity will show up as ruffruffitsmealex because I helped him update his blog ;-)

The Loux Family said...

Thank you so much for your post. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Amber. I know the hard and painful road you've walked and am sending you a hug through this email. You are right, there is no greater loss than that of outliving your child and no greater gift than knowing that our little ones are in heaven, with Jesus.

Congratulations on the adoption of your Alexander!
What a gift from Jesus! He is a beautiful child!

I emailed you at the email address you left in your post. God bless you today with more of Himself!

Amy said...

Oh I am so sorry and sad for this family. I pray that God will comfort them during this time.

The Loux Family said...

Thank you Amy. I know they appreciate your prayers!

Stacey said...

Hello, We have adopted 3 children. Two boys from Russia and a baby girl from Guatemala. I would love and crave to adopt another baby but do not have the funds. How can you guys do it if I may ask? Please any suggestions would make me so happy... Please email me and I will share my family blog as well. Thank you so much..

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

What a heartbreaking story! I pray for the family, but find comfort that their little baby will be resting by Jesus' side waiting on them. How horrible for that family.