Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Beautiful Daughter Telma

Our daughter Telma is precious! We are so proud to call her ours.
When we adopted our amazing twins, Teyolla and Keyolla, from
the Marshall Islands, we met Telma. She followed us around and
we saw her everywhere we went. One day, she ended up on the
doorstep of the apartment we were staying in. It was about 6AM
and my Mom walked out the front door and saw her sitting there.
Telma asked if she could come in and play with our kids. My Mom
said, "Sure!" So she came in, ate breakfast with us and slept in
our apartment for the next two weeks! We got to know her
pretty well and just fell in love with her!

After we finalized our twin's adoptions, we were getting ready
to fly off island. I kept looking at Telma and my heart just sank.
I thought, 'How can we leave this precious girl here, knowing
she needed so much help?' I had a knot in my stomach and
a lump in my throat. I knew we had to do something. She had
severe scoliosis (a curvature of 115 degrees), was breathing
very heavy and labored and yet had a smile that just lit up
her world! I knew she was special and I knew we had to get
her help! I called my husband, who had just flown back home
with our two youngest children. I thought about how I was
going to talk to him about taking in another child when we had
just adoped two! I was nervous to say the least! When I got on
the phone with him and told him about Telma, he said, "Honey
I need to get you off that island before you come home with a
whole shipload of children!" He was amazing! He told me to
just bring the twins home and we would find a way to get
Telma to the U.S. to get her the help she needed. We got
Power of Attorney and she was in our home 5 months later.
My mom had been looking after her while she was still in the
Marshalls so we knew she was safe!

Our intention was to bring Telma to the states, get her the
help she needed, and get her adopted out to a wonderful
family. Instead, we absolutely fell in love with her and
ended up adopting her.

Telma is a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord deeply and
has a real heart for the poor and needy. When she was living
in the Marshall Islands, there were unkind children who made
fun of her and even threw rocks at her. She experienced a lot
of cruelty and I'm sure that has softened her heart to those who
are in great need!

When Telma prays over people, you will often see tears rolling
down her face. She has a very compassionate heart and is filled
with the love of Christ towards those who are in a difficult place
in their lives.

We adopted Telma when she was 12 and she will be 18 in February!
We love how the Lord weaves his plans together! The end result
is so beautiful! His ways are perfect and there is truly no one like
our God!

Telma has had four surgeries on her spine. She got an infection over
two years ago, due to the hardware that was in her back. All the
rods and screws holding her spine in a straighter position had to
be removed. Her spine surgeon will not operate on her again. He
said it is too risky. We have been waiting for an appointment with
a spine specialist in St. Louis. This specialist is booked years in
advance and we are praying for a miracle. Please keep our precious
Telma in your prayers. She is still in pain daily and we need a miracle!

Despite Telma's physical trials, you will always see a smile on her face. She has an amazing spirit that has truly conquered much! What a gift from the Lord she is to us!


blessedmomto7 said...

Telma, you are a blessing to all who read your story!

Rachel Meier said...

I love you Telma, you are so beautiful inside and out. I am praying for your healing!

Deryck and Renee, you are such excellent and loving parents, I am greatly encouraged by your example.

The 5 NC Shays said...

may we all experience that kind of joy...the joy that isn't in our circumstances, but the joy that comes from Him and Him alone.

Melinda said...

She sounds like a beautiful, godly young lady! I will be praying for her needs and continue to pray for your adoption. Your family is inspiring. It is so nice to see Christian family's truly following after God. Thanks for being an encouragement to me and many others.

The Loux Family said...

Thanks to all of you who have left comments! Telma has been very touched by your kind words! Thanks
also for your encouragement.
Blessings and hugs to each of you!

Abby said...

Renee and Deryck...I just happened upon your blog while searching for some info on the Marshall Islands. I am Amy's little sister. It was great to read about what has been happening in your lives, and to see all of the pictures! I had not seen the twins since I visited Majuro several years ago. You have a beautiful family! I will be praying for Telma. God bless you all!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Abby!

It's great to hear from you! Amy and I have been emailing back and forth a lot this week! How are you? Thanks for visiting our blog and for praying for Telma! I bet you could see a real difference in how much the twins have grown! Hope you're doing well.
If you want to email, you can email me at reneeloux@ihop.org.

Hugs to you, from all of us!

Mandy said...

What a beautiful daughter you have:)

Could you please e-mail me at hisfirstwife@yahoo.com?

Dolores said...

She is indeed a beautiful young woman with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing her story and photo. I hope and pray that she will be able to have the needed surgery and relief! I wonder if Shriners Hospital could help?

Love to you Telma!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Dolores,

Thanks so much! We've tried Shriners. There are some very good doctors there but booked way down the road. We are still waiting on another call back from them. We are going to try the Mayo clinic too.

Bless you!

Carole said...

Best wishes on bringing your children home quickly and safely.

Your daughters from the RMI are beautiful. I also have a six year old son from the marshall's as well as a ten year old daughter from china

Amanda said...

I am so glad I 'stumbled' upon your blog! I was really touched by your family. My husband and I have been blessed through adoption as well.

I am so keeping Telma on my prayer list!! I was born with congenital scoliosis. Had surgery at age 8. Wore a brace through my teenage years too. I was to young for rods and they fused the curve with bone from my hip. I know there are other alternatives and I will pray for intercession for your sweet (and very beautiful) daughter!!