Saturday, October 11, 2008

Falling In Love With South Korea!

My husband has been ministering in Korea a lot this past year. Our daughter, Michaela and I were blessed to be able to join him on one of his trips. Michaela asked me if I would share a few of her adventures, through her pictures, on my blog, so, that's what this post is about. Be prepared to view A LOT of pictures (not normal for a blog), because Michaela wanted to be sure I posted all of these!

We absolutely love the Korean people. They are some of the kindest and most hospitable people in the world (and we've traveled to many places). The people in the churches we ministered at, have such a love for Jesus and are very committed in their faith!

Our daughter, Michaela, loved her trip to South Korea and was treated like a princess by her precious Korean friends. What an awesome adventure it was for Michaela to be able to meet the people, eat their food, sing in their language and learn more about their culture. She got to shop in the open markets and eat all kinds fun new food. She got to hear Korean choirs and couldn't believe how high some of the sopranos in those choirs could sing. She loved being able to practice the Korean words she had learned along with her Daddy and I.

One of Michaela's favorite Korean treats is called Kim Chee. It's very hot and spicy marinated cabbage. She couldn't get enough of it and ate it at every restaurant we went to. The restaurant owners and staff were shocked to see this little blonde 8 year old girl, chowing down on Kim Chee (not the norm for most American kids for sure)!

Michaela got to visit the ancient King's Palace. She saw the changing of the guards and loved the beautiful colorful designs in the painted ceilings of the palace. The artwork was amazing!

She was very sad to leave all her friends but knows she will return to Korea again on another trip, one day soon. Enjoy the pictures!

Michaela standing with one of the Palace Guards.

Flashing the "Victory" sign with the school children.

Changing of the guards at the Palace. The colors of the guards uniforms were so rich and beautiful!


Our friend, Bora. She is so sweet!

Yummy food on a stick!

Have you ever seen a real live Persimmon Tree? This was beautiful.

A variety of dried fish. Have you ever had dried squid? Neither has Michaela. She had to pass on this one. Lot's of people loved it though!

Michaela's favorite! Kim Chee!

Hey buddy, do you know Dorothy? Am I in Korea or Kansas?

Shopping at one of the outdoor markets

Having fun at one of the restuarants we ate at. Michaela was very intersted in helping this new friend cut up onions!

The South Koreans have won our hearts!


Jeanette said...

I spent four years in Okinawa, just across the pond from there. I loved it there. Some of the things in your pictures were reminiscent of my time overseas. The ones that made me giggle were the food on a stick and the Kim Chee pix. There are lots of great foods on a stick. =0) And I named my dog Kim Chee. Needless to say I got a lot of laughs for that. Looks like she had a blast! What a great adventure!

The Loux Family said...

Hi Jeanette,

How fun to have been in Okinawa for four years! My parents have been there and they loved it. My dad bought be a beautiful doll from Okinawa when I was younger.

Yah, the food on a stick in Korea was pretty fun for Michaela to experience. KK cracked up when I told her you had a dog named Kim Chee. That's awesome!
Thanks for looking at her pictures. She loved it that you commented about her little adventure :).

Give that little punkin of yours a kiss from all of us!