Monday, April 6, 2009

Our New Niece and Nephew Are Finally Home!!!

Mission Accomplished!!! Mama and Papa finally home with their two new little beauties!

Our nephew Taylor, looking on at his beautiful new brother and sister

The whole family finally together at last!

Our nephew, Nicholas, holding his new baby brother Aiden

Our daughter Michaela, kissing her new and very exhausted cousin

What a tribe!

Our niece Isabelle, holding her precious new little brother in her arms

Elia was so happy to see her Daddy again! She really missed him while he was away!

Daddy introducing his two girls to each other

Mama with her three princesses!

I am so excited to say, "Welcome home," to our new niece and nephew, Emma and Aiden! Our brother and sister-in-law, John and Tracie Loux, have finally arrived home from Ukraine with their new bundles of joy! We met them at the airport and had a great time celebrating, with lots of hugs and kisses! We are filled with great expectancy with all that lays ahead for these two new angels!

When our son Sasha, (whom we adopted from the same orphanage as John and Tracie did), saw Aiden and Emma as John and Tracie were carrying them off the plane, his eyes lit up and he got so excited! He kept saying their names over and over again.
We kept telling him the whole day that we were going to the airport to see Aiden and Emma because they were coming to America too! I think he was a little confused but when he saw their faces, he squealed with delight!

We are so thrilled that these two precious ones are finally home. They will be experiencing more love than they've ever known, in their new family and will be growing up in an environment where they will know Jesus' great love for them as well!

We love you Aiden and Emma and are so proud to call you "family!" You are so precious to us all! WELCOME HOME!!!!!


Debbie said...

Praise God! I have tears in my eyes...especially that Sasha recognized Aiden and Emma and was thrilled that they were home at last.

Arden said...

How PRECIOUS for Sasha! Indeed for everyone, but I'm sure that means the world to him in a way none of us will understand that his buddies from Ukraine are now where he is. Must be a bit like heaven will be when we arrive and people there light up and then we we get to see people come in and we light's just going to be one big happy reunion with Jesus at the center of it all! Hallelujah!!!

sarahjohnz said...

Thanks Renee', you got me crying again! I absolutely love the pic of the tribe and about Sasha, how precious! God is good!

Christine said...

Praise God! Welcome home!

soontobemomof9 said...

WOW! That is so exciting! The picture of everyone is so neat to see! The joy everyone is feeling is very apparent. Gods love was vibrantly apparent in the airport that night! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! Funny...we were in KC for such a short time but I remember seeing these darlings in the prayer room....had no idea they had just arrived HOME! Praise the Lord!

TheDorothyFamily said...

This brings back memories (12 years ago March 24th) These pictures make me cry tears for your families and for great past memories when we got home from Guatemala. Praise God and Congratulations!

June Berger said...

Tears of joy and thanksgiving! Our God is so faithful! That certainly is some tribe! BEAUTIFUL! How God must have been smiling when He saw you all together for the first time, loving on one another, just like He always knew you would! A true blessing!

I'm so happy for Sasha and his cousins, that they know one another as friends and now will know each others as family!

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