Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophia Turns 11!

It doesn't seem that long ago, that Derek and I were in the hospital and I was giving birth to our little Sophia, and yet, we just celebrated her 11th birthday! Her birth was like a kiss from God. After our heartache in the loss of our precious Josiah, the Lord brought us so much healing through the gift of our Sophia. I was only in labor for 3 hours before her grand arrival! I had the same doctor during my pregnancy with Sophia, as I did in my pregnancy with Josiah. When he held her up in front of me, after helping to deliver her, he looked at me with tears running down his cheeks and said, "Look at her, she's beautiful!" He had walked through much with us, and even though no child replaces the beauty and uniqueness of another, we all were celebrating the life of our new little princess, who was healthy and whole. Sophia has always had a real love for her brother, Josiah, even though they never knew each other. Because of his life, which she only knows through videos and our stories, Sophia has fallen in love with special need's children and has great compassion for children who suffer or are physically/mentally challenged in anyway. Sophia is a gem and we are so proud of the amazing young lady she is blossoming into.

We love you precious Doodles! You bless our lives in more ways than we could ever begin to tell you. Thanks for all you mean to us and so many others. You are beautiful, inside and out!


Candy said...

Hello...what an AWESOME and INTERESTING life you have. I am from Tulsa Oklahoma and have two adopted babies from Guatemala. Kya Blu is 2 and Jagger Jett is 1. We have been talking with an agency about adoping a 6 year old little girl from the Marshall Islands...This all came to be by Accident...Oh WAIT god hs no Accidents...I was researcing China Older Adoptions and really this post about this little girl just popped UP...so I really would like to talk to you about the islands.

Can I email you? My email is cmurnan@itxnetwork.com

Thanks Candy Murnan

The Loux Family said...

Hi Candy,

I'll email you right now. Congratulations on all you precious children!

God bless you!